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One of the first things to consider when buying vitamins is your lifestyle. What do you do for a living? Do you work in a job that requires lots of physical activity? Is majority of your lifestyle has something to do with you sitting down for most of the day?

Why those Questions Matter?

Knowing this information will help you figure out whether your diet is deficient in certain nutrients. 

If you have questions about what type of vitamins to take, talk with your doctor and take a look at these questions:

  • What are the dietary habits of my family? 
  • Are there any family members who suffer from health issues, like malnutrition or anemia? 
  • How much time do I spend outside each day, in nature (e.g. hiking)? 
  • Does my occupation involve strenuous physical labor or prolonged periods of sitting? 
  • What are my favorite foods and drinks, and how often do I consume them?