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Does Taking Medications Impact Your Dental Health?

Man holding a medicine pill on his hand


Most professional dental clinics like Sky Dental mainly work with vulnerable target groups, such as the elderly and people with intellectual disabilities. This makes our work extra challenging at times, as these groups often have to deal with a different diet and the side effect of multiple medications. This medication can cause some problems with the health of the teeth, which means that extra care is needed. We would like to briefly explain why this is the case and what is needed to maintain healthy teeth.

What medications cause problems?

How do medications cause problems with the housekeeping of healthy teeth? A logical question, because a lot of medication is often swallowed immediately. Yet the very medication that only makes contact with your mouth for a second can be very harmful. For example, it can inhibit the production of saliva, so that you get cavities faster. Saliva is a body’s protector against cavities by constantly rinsing your teeth. Some medications cause reflux, causing you to suffer from receding stomach acid. These acids are extremely harmful to your teeth and can cause tooth erosion. Some medications can cause gum hyperplasia, which means that the gums swell and grow over the teeth as a result. Keeping this clean is quite difficult and therefore requires extensive care. Finally, simple remedies such as cough syrup are major culprits because of the high dose of sugar, which directly affects the tooth enamel.


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What can you do about it?

Of course, you can’t just stop using the medications to save your teeth. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. First, it’s crucial to share the information about your medication use with your dentist so that he or she is aware of any problems that may arise. Extra care from the dentist or dental practitioner is, therefore, a requirement, so that possible complication can be detected and counteracted immediately. In addition, good care for the patient is needed, in which the teeth are regularly brushed and well flopped. Fresh Unique oral care can offer support in daily care, by properly training not only the patients but also the home care. Finally, a doctor can see if the medication is causing problems with the teeth and possibly prescribe another variant of the medication. This is of course completely due to the medication and the reason for use, so this is not a standard solution.

Prevention instead of cure

Proper care of the teeth can be the foundation of healthy teeth. For every vulnerable group that treats Fresh Unique Oral Care, it is important to maintain healthy teeth, guarantee the quality of life, and keep it as high as possible. Through the brushing instruction, each client can take care of their teeth as well as possible, so that a visit to or from the dentist can be experienced a lot more pleasantly. Preventing problems is a lot easier than curing them and this goes a lot smoother if the dentist is aware of the use of medication. When in doubt, mentioning this is always the best option. Your dentist can immediately tell you if any problems may arise.