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Important Facts On Sustainable Weight Loss

Did you know that many people join the gym with the same goal and that is to lose weight? Everyone knows that reducing body fat has something to do with exercise and diet.

The fact is that exercise, diet and lifestyle are key points when it comes to losing weight. So that you can reduce body fat in the long term and sustainably, there should be a healthy relationship between sport, nutrition and lifestyle. Speaking of diet, supplements like Protetox can help with weight loss. You can hardly find Protetox negative complaints. Many customers claim that this supplement can help you lose weight healthily.

Factors that play a decisive role for sustainable weight loss

Your insulin levels

The most important factor in losing body fat is a constant insulin level. Insulin is the biochemical result of eating carbohydrates. The easier your body can process a carbohydrate source, the faster your insulin levels will rise. However, insulin is not only released through the consumption of carbohydrates. Even when you’re stressed and haven’t consumed enough energy in the form of food, your body releases insulin.

The more constant your insulin level is, the easier it is for your body to work at its optimal level and thus reduce body fat.


Your basal metabolic rate

Caloric balance is probably the most well-known topic in the field of body weight loss. From the basic idea, an energy surplus leads to weight gain and a calorie deficit leads to weight loss.

It is important that you adjust your macronutrient distribution individually and that your body receives enough building blocks for regeneration. As soon as you want to work with counting calories, you should therefore know your exact needs.

Your protein requirements

If you eat a lot of protein, you can “protect” your muscles while losing weight. This is the only way you can be sure that your body does not generate its energy while losing weight by reducing your muscle mass, but by reducing your body fat.

Your workout

Many people rely on endurance training when it comes to losing weight. Unfortunately, the effect of extensive sports sessions on a cross trainer or treadmill is greatly overestimated in the fitness industry. Regular high intensity interval training sessions will also allow you to reach your goals faster than moderate endurance training.

Your sleep

Arguably the most underestimated factor in body fat loss is sleep. Your body is only able to fully regenerate when you are asleep. In the deep sleep phases, growth hormones are released, which stimulate cell renewal, strengthen the immune system and also ensure fat loss.